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Related knowledge of EL
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Electro Luminescent, referred as EL, is a kind of physical phenomenon (namely, the phenomenon of electric light), which makes fluorescent molecule luminous by the electrical field that is generated by the AC voltage added to both ends of the electrodes.

Combined with various substances that offer different color light sources, it has the advantages of low power consumption, soft light, no UV, color diversity, longevity and no heat, etc. Accordingly, it is generally known as cold light source, unlike traditional point or line light-emitting source, it has a well-distributed area light source and harmless to human body. It is also resilient and can be cut into any complex lighting shape. With characteristics of high luminous efficiency, soft light and high luminous intensity, it will fully take effect for indoor and outdoor advertising.

The cold light panel is very flexible so that it can be cut into various shapes according to customer requirements. In addition, it is soft, space-saving and easy to install, which greatly improved the efficiency of the project installation. Typical operating voltage and frequency of cold light source is 20V-240V/400Hz-4000Hz. Cold light source voltage is from 6V to the work of 220V and frequency is from 50HZ to 4000HZ.The voltage and frequency in various ranges will change the brightness or color luminescent. Unlike the traditional cold light source, its life-span is generally 12000-28000 hours (brightness 80cd / ). Nevertheless, after a long period of use, the cold light of the light will gradually decline. In this case, it can still be used for 2000-3000 hours. The material, voltage, frequency, temperature and humidity are major important factors that will affect its work life.

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