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User Group of LED writing board
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LED writing board can be used in window displays, promotion displays, interior display, hotels, cafes, bars, inn, supermarkets, shopping malls and other occasions, and it is suitable for professional printing, advertising poster and so on as long as you think of the occasions and places where you need to get the consumers’ attraction. It is used more often and longer at night in public places like all kinds of amusement , dining places and various stores for advertising support. You’d better change the style of your writing in order to gain attention of the potential customers. If you have a real shop, especially bars, KTV and other places of entertainment, customers can be fully attracted , which will help increase your profits. It would make your home environment filled with infinite vitality and offer you a good mood if placed at home with its random and gorgeous effect. It is a perfect gift for children as their creativity and ability of drawing and creation can be considerably stimulated.

Our unique product features

Frame: The aluminum frames we use conform to the national standard .And we have really high quality plating so that the color will be durable and never fade.

Light source: LED digital model series with high quality LED grains----- the same light color, the same brightness and never fade. Now, some of the businesses on the market today use a number of defective LED light source, which is neither bright enough nor long life-span for its extinct and dark light effect .There is even someone who uses kilo voltage  light source such as CCFL light tube. They are extremely irresponsible for the customers.

Panel: Electronic optical glass is used in our products, of which the light conduction effect is larger than 99%.Therefore the panel is more bright, much clearer and shape-preserving.

Remarks: Aviation materials or acrylic plastic plates could not be used as the panel because they are easily scratched and will soon be yellowing and getting dirty and dark after using several times, which is bound to cause impact of poor quality and terrible influence to the company.

If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us at any moment. We are expecting for your arrival, and sincerely hope to cooperate with you!

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