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The usage of led writing board I
Author:admin Hits:2400 Date:2010-4-9 11:16:26

LED writing board could be used in discount for business promotion, which will attract the customers’ attention by its colorful and effective vision.

Used in: Supermarkets, restaurants, kindergartens, personalized shop, night market, etc.

Promotional hand-writing: to develop creation. At present, many entertainment places use this new form of publicity to show their different style. Handwritten form of diversity reflected in the casual chic deliberately creates a different atmosphere.

Wiped off easily: Opposite to once-off traditional advertising signs, our product can be repeatedly used so that it is suitable for hand-writing boards, on which the contents need to be changed frequently.

Fluorescent effect: Nowadays, most customers choose light boxes with fluorescent effect. It is very expensive to make the contents of brilliant colors and needs a variety of lighting sources to make neon effect. In addition, the light of the traditional blackboard and whiteboard is not great enough. However, light can pass through the panel of led writing board. Fluorescent pen can make brilliant colors, particularly attractive to consumers, so as to achieve marketing purposes.

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