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The usage of led writing board II
Author:admin Hits:2406 Date:2010-4-9 11:17:20

Led writing board is the upgrading of traditional poster products, which can replace the traditional POP advertising board. It has been popular in Europe, the United States and Japan and Taiwan but in the domestic market is still blank, with only a few manufacturers to export the product. Therefore there is great potential and development space for the domestic market. Our company has introduced advanced technology from Japan, With its fluorescent effect by the optical light conduction panel, the light is well-distributed .You can write on the panel freely, with the highlight pen, it will show you the luminous words, beautiful neon colors. On this basis, our company did some improvement and finally produced the ones with cheaper price, better quality and more suitable for the domestic consumer market.

The product is made of aluminum alloy frame and high-quality optical grade light guide panel. It can be written on and wiped off freely with colorful fluorescent pen, which is specially developed. The panel will show gorgeous, flowing effect when is power is on. With its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, well-distributed light, our product can gain people’s attention easily. The patterns you draw on the panel can be changed at any time so that it makes a fresh feeling for the consumers for deeper impression. In this way, your products are outstanding in the countless similar ones and consumers will take notice of yours first .Then your marketing purposes will be achieved sooner than others. The product is novel, Wanted majority Join!

Product Features  

1.     Led writing board is attractive and could work well in days and  nights  with its N different backlight flash colors, and N different flash rates. It has got all the effects of blackboard, whiteboard and the neon board, absorbing the advantages and eliminating the defects of other companies’ products.

2.     Any kind of fluorescent board can be used for lighting pattens. Opposite to once-off traditional advertising signs, our product can be repeatedly used so that it is suitable for hand-writing Propaganda methods. Handwritten form of diversity reflected in the casual chic deliberately creates a different atmosphere and will make your shop always different, unique and unconventional.

3.     Vivid, any image can be painted, cleaned easily.

4.     Light-emitting device is made of imported raw materials, which can last longer than 50 thousand hours continuous light.

5.     Light board uses 12V DC safe voltage power supply (12V switch available LCD power supply), you can easily plug in any country .

6.     The panel is using high transparency Aeronautical Materials with long life-span and won’t be scratched or broken easily.

7.     The appearance is new and fashionable and it can be installed easily(can be installed directly on the wall to save space).

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